Answering Services
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Medical Answering Services
Why Choose our Answering Service?
  • Reliable, professionally trained operators
  • State of the art Telescan System
  • Competitive Prices (we will match or beat any of our competitors!)
  • Operators are located in house in the USA
  • HIPAA Compliant - Client's Information will stay personal
  • Mangers/supervisors always on call for emergencies
  • Bilingual Operators
  • We monitor our operators to assure you that your calls are being handled accurately, courteously and with the care and discretion that your customers deserve.
  • Every account has a customized screen ensuring that our operators correctly handle your account the way you want it to be handled.

  • Services Offered

  • Priority Calls-Calls are answered within three rings.
  • Toll Free Numbers.
  • Appointment Scheduling and confirmations.
  • Seamless Call transfer and patching.
  • Personalized Greetings- Customized message forms.
  • Auto faxing/emailing - All messages taken can be faxed/emailed to your office daily / hourly / weekly
  • Caller ID
  • Check In Line (No waiting to get your messages)
  • It is your preference the way your messages are delivered. Via Text, fax, email, voicemail, pager/ alpha, or can be simply held so you can pick them up at your own convenience.

  • Benefits of using an answering service

  • Never Miss A Call Again.
  • Won’t Need Office Space- No Cost of Renting Office Space.
  • No Receptionist- No Salary.
  • Satisfaction of having a live operator to speak to instead of a machine.
  • Proven way to increase sales.
  • Everything is logged and kept on file for years.
  • Increases availability of onsite personnel.
  • 1/3 of callers will hang up if they are asked to leave a voicemail on a machine with no one live to talk to.
  • Who uses an answering service?
  • Attorneys and other professional services
  • Visiting Nurse Associations
  • Travel Agencies
  • Towing Companies
  • Security / Alarm Companies
  • Real Estate/ Property Management
  • Medical Supply Companies
  • Limo/Transportation Services
  • Insurance and Financial Services
  • Industry and Manufacturing
  • Pharmacies
  • Funeral Homes
  • Food Services
  • Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC and other Contractors
  • Distributors/Vending
  • Construction and Building Trades
  • Computer Related Companies
  • Cleaning/Restoration Companies
  • Churches/Non-profit Organizations
  • Crisis Lines ( Rape, Mental Health... etc )
  • Doctors and Medical Facilities
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